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Website Portfolio 

Welcome to Jennifer Hosler's website portfolio, featuring a collection of projects executed at Missing Piece Virtual Solutions. Enjoy a seamless scrolling experience as you explore my work, and feel free to click on the images to navigate directly to the websites I have meticulously crafted. Your journey through these pages offers a glimpse into the diverse and innovative solutions I have contributed to in the realm of virtual solutions.


Trinity DND Solutions 

Empowering Resilience in East Texas

It was a privilege to design the logo and website for Trinity DND Solutions, an extraordinary company offering unparalleled support for those affected by natural disasters in the East Texas area. Explore our work showcasing how Trinity DND Solutions provides essential services and assistance during challenging times, demonstrating their commitment to resilience and community support.

Selfies On Canvas

Transforming Precious Moments into Canvas Masterpieces

Our collaboration with Lynda was a delightful experience as we had the opportunity to craft both her logo and website. Working with Lynda was a joy, and her exceptional talent shines through in her ability to transform any precious photo into a true masterpiece on canvas. Explore our portfolio to witness the harmonious fusion of design and artistic expression that defines our collaboration with Lynda.


A+ Athletics 

Website and Logo Design for a Dedicated Volleyball Coach

It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with Hollie on the development of her website and logo. Hollie, a dedicated volleyball coach based in East Texas, not only excels in her profession but also brings a unique passion for working with children. Her commitment to her craft is complemented by her values as a follower of Christ. Explore our portfolio to witness the seamless integration of Hollie's dedication, expertise, and faith reflected in the design of her website and logo.


Elevating Julia's Culinary Presence

Our collaboration with Julia involved a transformative journey for her website. Despite having an existing site, Julia sought a vision beyond its current state. We had the privilege of tailoring it precisely to her needs and desires, resulting in a website that perfectly captures the essence of her culinary expertise.

Julia, with a lifelong passion for the kitchen, has crafted her culinary creations into true works of art. Explore our portfolio to witness how we seamlessly translated Julia's culinary artistry into an online presence that reflects her passion and dedication to the world of gastronomy.

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